Videos on How to do Self-Calibration

Demonstration Videos are effective visual means for helping our users on how to use Digi-Pas® products better and thus make the most out from it.

Below are demo videos and also USER SELF-CALIBRATION videos provided for users reference. Do note that some of Digi-Pas® high-precision product models require special equipment/facilities (e.g. high-precision granite table, square etc.) to attain the intended calibration results. Please refer to Calibration Procedures in each product's Instruction Manual. These vidos are also available online at YouTube from hundreads to over 10,000 views.

Product Demo Video
DWL-80 Demo Video
DWL-90Pro Demo Video
DWL-100 Demo Video
DWL-130 Demo Video
DWL-180 Demo Video
DWL-200 Demo Video
DWL-1300XY & DWL-1500 Demo Video
DWL-2000XY Demo Video
DWL-3000XY Demo Video
DWL-3500XY Demo Video
DWL-2000XY Pc Sync Software Demo Video
DWL-3000XY Pc Sync Software Demo Video
DWL-3500XY Pc Sync Software Demo Video
How to calibrate DWL-80 Video
How to calibrate DWL-130 Video
How to calibrate DWL-200 Video
How to calibrate DWL-280Pro Video
How to calibrate DWL-600 Video
How to calibrate DWL-1000XY Video
How to calibrate DWL-1500XY Video
How to calibrate DWL-2000XY Video
How to calibrate DWL-3000XY Video
How to calibrate DWL-3500XY Video
How to perform Absolute Level Setting
The correct way of using Digital Level
Mobile Phone/tablet Apps - Video
DWL-1300XY & DWL-1500 App Video