Company Overview

DIGIPAS TECHNOLOGIES INC. is a California based company specializes in research, design and global distribution of Digi-Pas® intelligent 2-axis inclinometers, scientific levelling instruments, high-precision angular measuring, industrial-grade tilt-sensing devices, eGeeTouch® smart security locking devices and eGeePro® Personal Protective Equipment.

We are a world-leading manufacturer of digital levelling instruments/tools, 2-axis precision electronic tilt-angle sensor modules and surface flatness measuring instruments as well as 2D alignment-diagnostic straightness instruments built with analytical software and apps, specifically engineered for research scientists, industrial professionals, specialists, tradesmen & DIY users. We pioneer the world with patented eGeeTouch® smartlocks, smart luggage locks and their generic variants built with leading-edge mobile app and cloud-based intelligent access management software, which found many applications in consumer, commercial, industrial and governmental facilities. In early 2020, we make available millions of QUALITY N95-Grade Reusable FACEMASKS in a small way contributing to global efforts to alleviate the spread of covid-19 virus during this pandemic.

Digipas Technologies Inc. is affiliated with Digipas Group having a history of over 20 years with offices located in US, Japan, UK, Germany and Singapore. As a maturing group of companies, we are organized into three main business units covering a broad customer base in various industries at a global scale to ensure stable growth yet mitigating the effects of sectorial market cyclical changes. Digipas group is led by Dr Jim Li who attained a PhD from Cambridge University, UK and holds over 40 patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes. His team comprises highly specialized professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities within the niched domain expertise of advanced MEMS-driven precision 2D levelling and IoT-enabled remote authorized access security (smart locking devices) technologies.

With over two decades of research, development and manufacturing expertise, our products, services and technologies are utilized in precision engineering, instrumentation/metrology, security and consumer industries all over the world.


Digipas division specializes in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of HIGH PERFORMANCE, QUALITY yet AFFORDABLE digital levels and DUAL-AXIS smart inclinometers to replace the use of traditional spirit 'bubble' levels and conventional single-axis inclinometers. These proven industrial and scientific-grade instruments are built with advanced 2-Axis & 3-Axis Thermocompensated Super-MEMS Technology, and precisely compensated for nonlinearity and temperature variation to effectively withstand stringent operating environments. The superiority of high-precision 2-axis MEMS Sensor compounded with digital embedded technologies offer 2-dimentional (planar) tilt-angle and leveling measurements with graphic-animated Smart 2D Bubble® bull's eye, wireless and remote real-time logging unique capabilities. Essentially, these radically differentiated features transform into PRECISE, ACCURATE, FAST, RUGGED & RELIABLE leveling, wide-range angle measurement/tracking /monitoring (0° ~ 360°) at resolutions of 0.1°, 0.05°, 0.01°, 0.001°, 0.00027° or 1 arcsec & 1.0µm/m or 0.2 arcsec as well as having small footprint and high shock/impact resistant (3,000g). These unique features with no mechanical moving parts of its sensor (thus no maintenance required) offer unparalleled performance and benefits to field engineers, application designers and scientists unmatched by any traditional spirit 'bubble' levels or conventional single-axis pendulum/servo/optical-based inclinometers.

Another business division focuses on the development and distribution of eGeeTouch® IoT-enabled smart locking devices and Cloud-based Access Management Software that replace conventional keyed and combination-digits-dial locks. It utilizes state-of-art Wireless Proximity-access and Cloud-enabled Remote-authorized Security Technologies, world's first of its kind, granted with over a dozen patents in this field of invention and received numerous innovation awards in world-leading tradeshows. These smartlocks resolve major security vulnerabilities of ‘Lock-picking’ and ‘Key-bumping’ inherent in conventional mechanical keyed locks. These patented features push to the HIGHEST LEVEL of SECURITY into this padlock to an unprecedented level UNSEEN previously and UNMATCHED by any conventional padlock that include:
  • ANTI-TEMPERING TECHNOLOGY: Any TEMPERING such as by CUTTING OFF its shackle, or HITTING or BURNING its metal body would instantly trigger this Intelligent Padlock to send an ALARM or ALERT NOTIFICATION to lock owner or administrator(s) at anytime and anywhere - both in PROXIMITY via buzzer and/or REMOTELY via internet linked to WIFI or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • HIGH-SECURITY NFC TECHNOLOGY: NFC is well-known for its high security used for wireless Cash-card and Credit card payments in Banks and Shopping Point-of-Sales,
  • TRACEABILITY, with unlocking records on WHO, WHEN & WHERE each access made with an audit trail (audit log) and
  • Remote Authorization to ASIGN, REVOKE, NOTIFY & TRACK users by Administrator(s) via Mobile App or Web-based Intelligent Access Management Software.

The third business division specializes on flexible flat cable (FFC) and interconnects. This business unit was formerly acquired from SONY Chemical & Information Device, Japan in 2008/9. Since, we have positioned this business in the forefront as one of the global leading FFC manufacturer, produced and distributed over half a billion pieces of FFCs to our worldwide customers.


For over a decade, our innovation strategy is based on the concept of Transformative Innovation (a paper publised in Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2017) through which emerging technologies are relentlessly identified, developed and deployed with existing established technologies to create radically distinctive new products and services with unparalleled performances and values greatly benefiting our clients. These new, intelligent products replace their traditional counterparts/products while simultaneously creating new categories of applications and services in various industries unavailable previously (such as:
  • Driverless car for providing chassis real-time planar angle orientation,
  • AI-assisted surgical and diagnostic medical equipment for providing a highly precise 2-dimension angular position reference plane,
  • IoT-enabled remote access authorization & tracing to enhance access security devices for logistic, storage and guest lodging platform services etc.).

Leveling and angular measurements are vital functions for precision equipment development, installation, machine alignments and metrology in many industries within the precision engineering cluster. Imprecise leveling or alignment of a machine by using outdated measuring tools affects its structural stability thus severely reduces dimensional accuracy, functional and quality performances of the machine including reduction in yield of its output machined parts/objects. Conventional spirit bubble machinist levels and pendulum based inlicnometers are designed for SINGLE-AXIS. In fact, modern precision levelling, angle measurement and alignment tasks essentially involve a 2-DIMENTIONAL PLANE (X&Y axis) rather than conventionally known as two independent single-axis orthogonal lines, reading an angle of a plane one-axis at a time. DUAL-AXIS simultaneous angles display and real-time continuous tracking of tilted-plane angular readings are required to guide field engineers/technicians in aligning precision object/machine to a required level (any angle) position accurately, speedily and effectively.

In 2009, Digipas pioneered the world's-first Digi-Pas® Dual-Axis MEMS-driven intelligent precision digital levels to replace the conventional 'bubble' levels, and it was in 2010 first introduced at IMTS, Chicago. In 2011, we further pioneered the world's-first Digi-Pas® dual-axis digital machinist level that had greatly simplified any high precision levelling and planar angle measurement tasks. In 2012, we sustained our innovation by presenting the world-first Digi-Pas® 2-axis ultra-precision inclinometer at JIMTOF, Tokyo. These intelligent-diagnostic instruments and technologies have been evidently used by some of the world’s most technologically advanced companies, research laboratories and government institutions such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, US Navy, US Air Force, Raytheon, IHI Corp., Boeing, Airbus, Space X, Intel, Hurco, Makino, DMG Mori, Mazak, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, US Naval Research Laboratory, Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, MIT Lincoln Laboratory etc.

In 2014, we further pioneered the world-1st IoT-enabled smart locking devices which found many applications in commercial, industrial, governmental security and consumer markets. These devices utilize advance Encrypted Wireless Proximity-access and Cloud-enabled Remote Authorization Security technologies, and subsequently the smart locks have been adopted and sold in major global markets such as U.S., Japan, U.K, E.U. and Asia.

For over two decades, we consistently gain high credibility to successfully innovate, develop and SCALE-UP volume on our world-pioneering patented new products and services. These technology-enabled new product and services have successfully won global market adoptions, "Crossing the Charm" from Early Adopters to Early Majory users within several years after initial launch.


In 2014, our eGeeTouch® business division launched the award-winning IoT-enabled Smart Locks, for applications such as on luggage and padlocks which provide hassle free and enhanced security in safeguarding personal belongings for the increasingly mobile worldwide travelers. These smartlocks, serve an enduring needs for securing physical assets, strategically seek to displace those old-fashioned key/dials-locks. Upon launching in Tokyo, eGeeTouch® NFC-driven smart padlock and its generic models won the New Product Award at Japan's largest DIY Homecenter Tradeshow for 2014, 2015 and 2016. The radically-distinct eGeeTouch® smart luggage lock contested among world's best innovation further won the highly prestigious Innovation Award at the world's largest US Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 and also consecutively in CES 2016. These world-first innovative products were featured by leading international media such as CNN, USA Today, Fox News, CBC News, Nikkei, CNet, Engaget, Mashable, UK's Daily Mail etc.


Patents, Trademarks and proprietary technologies of our intellectual properties are obvious manifestation of our R&D team novel ideas and capabilities resulting from relentless and sustained research and development activities over a decade. Our IP portfolio contents over 40 granted patents and trademarks by USPTO, WIPO, JPO, CNIPA covering world's major markets jurisdictions including US, Europe, Japan, China, India, Singapore and numerous countries in both advanced and emerging economies. This comprehensive IP portfolio serves as a solid foundation to provide distributorships and licensing to our worldwide business partners. In addition to patents, trademarks and proprietary technologies in specialized domains, we obtain world-leading Calibration Certifications for our instrumention product line by U.S., Japan and Germany's accredited calibration bodies traceable to NIST, JIS and DIN standards to form our intangible assets which significantly raising entry barriers and risks to new entrants within these market segments.


The unique products under the brands of Digi-Pas®, eGeeTouch® and Ventura V-Flex® are patented, and certified by UL, TÜV SÜD, SGS to comply with CE, FCC, UL, ASTM, C-Tick, RoHS etc. Our measurement product's ACCURACY performance to specification has been externally verified by accredited third party calibration & test bodies in USA, Japan, UK and Germany in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard, providing Calibration Certificates traceable to NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN standards under the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

Digi-Pas ultra-high precision instruments and sensor modules are specifically designed to comply with EAR99 classification, while certain product models may require export license under U.S. Commerce Control List (CCL). Clients who need to have our CAGE/NCAGE CODE, please contact our SALES SUPPORT TEAM.


Our factories are ISO9001, ISO14001 & TS16949 certified and periodically audited by world's leading SGS certification body for traceability, environmental conformance, and work safety & health management. We continue to forge a strong in-house product development and engineering capabilities, own advanced manufacturing facilities that are seamlessly integrated into our international supply chain and worldwide sales distribution channels, employing approx. 550 people (continuously streamlining through outsourcing of non-core activities) for developing, producing and distributing world-class quality electronic components, intelligent locking devices and precision angular measuring instruments to our global customers and business partners.



  • In February 2020, in response to Coronavirus pandemic deadly threat to mankind globally, our R&D, Supply Chain and Manufacturing teams worked vigorously to rapidly develop, file patents, manufacture a new eGeePro® N-95 Reusable Respiratory Face Mask, and thereafter, get tested and certified by accredited 3rd-party international test bodies to timely launch the mask during the early stage of pandemic.
  • Several months later, the 2nd and 3rd generation of Intelligent Translucent Masks were also launched at U.S., Singapore, Japan, U.K, and other ASEAN countries.


  • Digipas Technologies Inc. is assigned and issued by US Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) with a Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE Code), an identifier as suppliers to various government or defense agencies. CAGE Codes (NCAGE) are used internationally as part of the NATO Codification System (NCS).


  • Digi-Pas introduced world-1st, IoT-enabled Smart Wireless 2-axis Machinist Level, DWL1500XY with Bluetooth Connectivity at CONTROL – International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance (Stuttgart, Germany).
  • Digipas Technologies Inc. won the 2017 RED Dot Design Award for the eGeeTouch® Smart Travel Padlock.


  • Granted USPTO utility patent, US Pat. No.: 9,459,121 B2 entitled "Angle Measuring Device and Methods for Calibration".
  • Granted USPTO utility patent, US Pat. No.: 9,524,600 B2, entitled "Luggage Locking Device and Baggage Handling Method".


  • Again, DIGIPAS introduced eGeeTouch® NFC+Bluetooth (DUAL-TECH) Smart Travel Padlock at Japan's largest DIY Homecenter Show 2015 (Tokyo) and it won the New Product Award based on Buyers' votes outperforming hundreds of contestants from all over the world.
  • To sustain our leadership position in the specialized domain, DIGIPAS further commercialized our patents by launching another world's pioneering eGeeTouch® NFC+Fingerprint Smart Luggage Lock at 2015/2016 CES at Las Vegas, USA. This Smart Luggage Lock won another CES Innovation Award under Tech for a Better World category.


  • DIGIPAS introduced the world's first eGeeTouch® NFC Smart Electronic Padlock at Japan's largest DIY Homecenter Show 2014 (Tokyo). The Smart Padlock won New Product Award based on Buyers' votes outperforming hundreds of contestants from Asia, U.S. & Europe.
  • DIGIPAS launched the world's pioneering eGeeTouch® NFC Smart Luggage Lock at 2015 CES International (Las Vegas) U.S.A. The Smart Luggage Lock won CES Innovation Award, under Tech for a Better World category. CES is the world's largest Consumer Electronic Show organized by U.S. Consumer Electronic Association, representing over $203 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry.
  • Digi-Pas pioneered the industry by first introducing Digi-Pas Machinist Level Mobile App to wirelessly linking smartphone/tablets with leveling instruments providing greatest convinience and fast leveling tasks at 28th CONTROL – International Trade Fair (Stuttgart, Germany)


  • Digi-Pas® introduced at the National Hardware Show (Las Vegas) U.S., world's-first IP67 rating Digi-Pas Waterproof Torpedo Digital Level embedded with LED technology, capable of wide operating temperature range -20°C to +60°C.
  • Granted USPTO utility patent - Electronic Combination Lock, USPTO Patent No. US 9,121,199 B2


  • Digi-Pas® launched at JIMTOF Exhibition (Tokyo) Japan, the world's-first MEMS-driven 2-axis Ultra-Precision Digital Level & inclinometer with an accuracy of 1 arcsec or 5µm/m, embedded with vibrometer, Bluetooth and 3D Surface Geometry Profiling software.
  • Filed patent in Germany: Patent No. DE 11 2010 005 595 T5 - EU
  • Continued to acquire FFC manufacturing machinery from Hitachi Cable Malaysia and Hitachi Cable Singapore, to consolidate the FFC industry in the region and we have since become the largest Flexible Flat Cable manufacturer in this region.


  • A breakthrough-world-1st industrial-grade MEMS-driven 2-Axis Machinist Digital Level, DWL3500XY, of 0.001° or 18µm/M or 3.6 arcsec resolution and accuracy for the precision engineering industry was exhibited in Germany CONTROL & EMO tradeshows.
  • Digi-Pas® precision digital levels were awarded Calibration Certificates by various world-leading accredited calibration & test laboratories in USA, Japan, UK, Germany and the National Metrology Centre for conformance to NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN standards.
  • Awarded CANON Green Procurement Certificate.


  • Released the world-1st industrial-grade Dual-Axis High Precision Digital Level incorporated with Vibrometer based on Advanced MEMS Technology. Model DWL3000XY was exhibited in IMTS, Chicago, USA and also JIMTOF Tokyo, Japan.
  • PCT Patent filed for a Rigid-Flex PCB and an Electronic Lock
  • Introduced the Ventura V-Flex® Whisker Controlled FFC


  • The world-1st 2-axis Digital Post Level, DWL1000XY, was exhibited in London Hardware Show.
  • Acquired the Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) business unit from SONY Chemical and Information Device, Japan and had since become one of the world largest FFC electronic component manufacturers.
  • Ventura V-Flex ® trademark was registered.
  • JSB Tech Japan Sales Office was established in Tokyo.

2005 to 2008

  • Established Joint Venture Company, Meisei-Ventura Thailand Co. Ltd at Ayutthaya. Specializing in FPC Part and component assembly. It was joint venture with Japanese Meisei Group. (This JV was sold to Meisei Group in 2011)
  • 2 (two) PCT Patents were filed for FPC Manufacturing Processes and Digital Angular Measurement Instruments
  • Expanded total manufacturing capacity in the region to over 100,000 sq. ft. and over 1,000 manpower
  • Obtained OHSAS 18001 certification for Health & Safety management of our affiliated factories.
  • Expanded full box-built Optical Disk Drive for laptop PC manufacturing capacity to 5 million units per year.

2000 to 2004

  • Obtained ISO 9002 Certification
  • JSB Tech Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore, 2002, to replace the function of JM (S'Pore) Marketing and further extend into Research & Development activities.
  • Obtain ISO 14001, UL, TUV, CSA Certification.
  • Ventura Electronic (Suzhou) Co. Ltd was established. (It ceased in 2010 to be replaced by our representative Sales Office in Shanghai)
  • Engaged in High-Precision Mechanical Module Assembly - Optical Pick-up Heads for CD R/W and DVD R/W.
  • Pb-Free Process Standardization, Production Standing-Operation System and Cell Manufacturing Systems established at our affiliated factories.
  • Awarded SONY OEM Green Partnership


Expanded into Precision Plastic Injection Moulding to manufacture component for Floppy Disk Drive, CD and DVD - magnetic & Optical Computer Data Storage Drives.


Established our first manufactruing site/factory.


Established the first company