Gold Plated FFC

Ventura V-Flex® Gold-Plated FFC uses sub-micron Au plated layer on top of another Nickel layer of several micron thickness and Cu flat wire laminated with polyester insulation films to improve interconnect performance of electronic interconnects. The Au-plated terminals completely eliminate tin whisker and enhance the quality of interconnect of having LOWEST Contact Resistance - between Connector's pins & FFC terminals, when comparing to tin-plated FFC's terminal pins.

Control of Au-plated thinckness is vital to quality of gold-plated FFC. Failure to control the thickness or overly thin-layer of gold deposited on top surface of nickle risks of nickle exposure that (in worst case) may lead to corrosion resulting in an increased in contact resistance or open-circuit over a long period of time. The quality of gold plated V-Flex FFC is tested by independent 3rd party test laboratory in U.S. to comply with Mixed Flow Gas Corrosion Testing standard IEC-60098-2-60.

V-flex® Flexible Flat Cables are manufactured to UL standard with authorized UL mark, having very thin, flexible and light weight, yet compressed with high conductor density and are easily mated to a connector for interconnect.


  • Whisker FREE
  • Lowest Contact Resistance


  • High-end Audio & Video Entertainment System
  • IoT-enabled devices
  • High-fidelity Sound-bar and Bluetooth Speakers
  • Game Consoles
  • Smartphone/Tablet & Laptop PC
  • Laser/Inkjet Printers/Scanner
  • Mobile Devices utilizing serial I/O technologies
  • Medical devices & Others

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