Shielded FFC

Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC) interference has become critical design requirments as interconnect signal transmission rate trends toward higher-speed and higher-frequency in many consumer electronics mobile devices, commercial equipment and industrial machinery. More such products are required compliance to one or more; CISPR, IEC, FCC part 15, EN, ISO 11452 etc regulatory standards.

The needs for shielding interconnect wires has become more urgent for development engineers to meet the design specifications yet kept within cost budget while achieving compliance to the required regulatory standards.

Ventura V-Flex® patented Selective Shielding® FFCs offer both high-performance and cost-effective solutions to resolve these needs and EMC compliance. These FFCs SELECTIVELY utilise coated insulated or conductive metal-foils materials such as silver, aluminium or copper anti-oxidised tapes to be grounded or ungrounded with conductive adhesive to control EMI & ESD enhancing the performances of FFC particularly when FFC is deployed in noisy operating environment.

V-flex® Flexible Flat Cables are manufactured to UL standard with authorized UL mark, having very thin, flexible and light weight, yet compressed with high conductor density and are easily mated to a connector for interconnect.


  • Control the magnitude and density of EMI & ESD performance on FFC.
  • Highly customizable to meet various characteristic impedance and designed to specification.
  • Conformance to various High Speed Serial Data Link Standard e.g. USB 2.0 & 3.0


  • High-end Audio & Video Entertainment System
  • High-fidelity Sound-bar and Bluetooth Speakers
  • IoT-enabled devices
  • 3D Additive Printers
  • Smartphone/Tablet & Laptop PC
  • Laser/Inkjet Printers/Scanner
  • Mobile Devices utilizing serial I/O technologies
  • Medical devices & Others

Product Type

GND Type External GND Type Non GND Type
GND Type External GND Type Non GND Type
Noise received by shield material is guide through an FFC Signal line to the ground. Ground of the shield material is metal foil connected to an end Low-Cost shield material using non-conductive adhesive without the need for grounding