Tin-Whisker Controlled FFC

Lead co-deposition as an alternative of Tin Whisker mitigation has become obsolete as a result of RoHS directive on Jul 2006 that restricts the use of lead (Pb). Current methods for Tin Whisker mitigation strategy which uses Gold (Au) plated on a layer of Nickel with the based copper (Cu) conductor wire terminals of Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) is effective, but becoming uneconomical as gold price has increased over four folds over past decade. This provides the impetus to perform research and development into other methods of Tin Whisker Mitigation strategies which is effective, economical and yet environmentally friendly.

Our affiliated company has achieved a development breakthrough for Ventura V-Flex® V3 Whisker controlled FFC product (within INEMI Class 1 Standard) employing Annealing method for Tin-Whisker mitigation technology, which is effective to significantly reduce both density and legnth of tin-whiskers, more economical and environmentally friendly to deploy.

V-flex® Flexible Flat Cables are manufactured to UL standard with authorized UL mark, having very thin, flexible and light weight, yet compressed with high conductor density and are easily mated to a connector for interconnect.


  • Reduction of COST to replace the use of Gold (Au) Plating FFC contact terminals by more than 30%
  • Improve product delivery LEAD TIME (no gold plating process & time required)
  • Environmental Friendly (eliminate the use of toxic cyanide chemical required by gold plating process)


  • High-end Audio & Video Entertainment System
  • High-fidelity Sound-bar and Bluetooth Speakers
  • IoT-enabled devices
  • 3D Additive Printers
  • Game Consoles
  • Smartphone/Tablet & Laptop PC
  • Laser/Inkjet Printers/Scanner
  • Mobile Devices utilizing serial I/O technologies

Electron Microscope Picture

Normal Tin-Plated FFC with no Whisker Mitigation Control & Tin-Plated Connector (Reflow) Ventura V-Flex® V3 FFC & Gold-Plated Connector Ventura V-Flex® V3 FFC & Tin-Plated Connector (Reflow)
Whisker Growth clearly observed after 1000 hour No Whisker Growth observed after 1000 hours No Whisker Growth observed after 1000 hours

Whisker Growth clearly observed after 1000 hours

No Whisker Growth observed after 1000 hours

No Whisker Growth observed after 1000 hours