2-Axis Inclination Sensor Module

Product overview - DWL5800XY


  • Measuring range from 0 ~ ±14400arcsec (Single-Axis); 0 ~ ±3600 arcsec (Dual-Axis)
  • Resolution of 1 arcsec; (≤5 µm/M)
  • Accuracy: ± 1 arcsec; at 0 to ±1080 arcsec.; 3 arcsec at other angles
  • Multiple I/O communication protocols i.e. USB, RS232, RS485 & (optional) Bluetooth connectivity
  • IP65 certified - waterproof protection
  • Shock/Impact Test survives over 3,000g to 6,000g
  • Built-in vibrometer for real time low-frequency (2 to 75Hz) vibration measurement
  • User-friendly PC-based programmable software



    Precision levelling, tilt angles, surface flatness and staightness measurements essentially involve simultaneous 2-dimensional planes rather than conventionally known as two-orthogonal independent single-axis. Digi-Pas® 2-axis intelligent inclination modules having high precision and wide measurement range are capable of providing real-time levelling, angular & vibration readings that empower application engineers and scientists to continuously measure, monitor, record machine/equipment/structure angular positional status precisely and speedily.

    These small footprint, 2-axis and high shock resistant industrial-grade MEMS-driven inclination sensor modules effectively eliminate limitations associated with using multiple single-axis sensors or bulky pendulum/optical/servo-based sensors to achieve precise 2D levelling and planar angular measurements. MEMS sensor contents no moving part, essentially requires little/no maintanance when compared to pendulum-based sensor.


    Since this sensor module has very high resolution, it enable user to perform surface flatness geometry measurement in 3-Dimensional visual graph when surface data collecetd is plotted to form a 3D profile.


    Precision machines/equipment performances are sensitive to its own frame/structure vibration. Unleveled machine footings is one definitive source enabling additional vibrations during machine is in running mode. For examples, (i) blur images in image/optical capturing machines (such as CMM, CT Scan & MRI) deteriorate measurement accuracy, (ii) Vibration causes CNC machines reduces production output yield. Typical machine's structural/frame vibrations are low frequencies, hence, it is vital to measure machine's structural vibration frequency and magnitude during machine running to manage its accuracy performances.

    PC Sync PRO software can capture vibration patterns from Sensor module and real-time display on PC screen in graphical format. User may choose to save vibration data in Excel file for further analysis.


    Digi-Pas® 2-axis inclination sensor module system (Sensor Module + Control Box + PC Sync Pro Software) is designed as a DEVELOPMENT KIT for application engineers who explore to integrate sonsor modules into precision machine/equipment/structure enabling them to instantly gain access to angular positional readings displaying on screen and/or store data in Excel format (for further analysis), without the need for tedious and time-consuming programming.

    The angular measurement system enables user-defined settings to activate/control any external connected peripheral devices at ease (see below suggested diagram).

    Alternatively, highly experienced engineers/experts in sensors applications may use their own Low-level Programming codes to directly extract measurement readings from sensor module(s) WITHOUT the need for using Control box and PC Sync Software (i.e. Development Kits). Users can download Digi-Pas Dynamic-Link Library to integrate with their own higher level programming codes to access sensors via Control Box. However, we strongly recommend FIRST-TIME users of the sensor module to utilize the development kit. Once familiarized with the system, users may proceed to remove the development kit leaving the sensor(s) directly connected to user's application codings and user's own hardware system.


    DWL-5000XY Series Inclination Sensor Modules accuracy is verified by accredited 3rd party independent calibration & test bodies and National Metrology Centre traceable to SI standard and NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN under CIPM MRA.

Application diagram:

Application diagram 1 - Multiple Sensor Modules

Application diagram 2 - Single Sensor Module



    Measuring resolution of 1 arcsec with Accuracy ± 1 arcsec; at 0 to ±1080 arcsec.;3 arcsec at other angles


    Single Axis measuring range 0 ~ ±14400arcsec
    Dual Axis measuring range 0 ~ ±3600 arcsec


    Enable user to measure relative angles at a common plane with respect to a reference angle. The reference angle can be set using alternate zero feature.


    The sensor module is waterproof rated and enable to be located in harsh working environment.


    Easy self-calibration feature allows user to reset the digital level back to factory preset accuracy.


    USB connection for remote acquisition, monitoring, data logging & analysis in computer.


    Enable basic features of remote data acquisition on Angular Measurements.


    Wireless connection (Bluetooth industrial class 1) to device for remote monitoring, data logging & analysis from computer. (PRO PC sync software is required)


    Enable advance features to set parameters and triggering relay outputs for remote data acquisition, logging, processing, analysis on angular measurements and control output of peripheral devices.


Precision levelling and angle measurement/alignment tasks essentially involve surface planes that demand for 2-dimensional solution rather than those outdated single-axis 'bubble' vial method that indicates 'spirit bubble' leveling status 'one axis at a time' in-between graduation lines.

Digi-Pas® 2-axis precision digital level simultaneous displays of two-dimensional plane angles, effectively simplifying and resolve the hurdles of taking angles 'one axis at a time' iteration (tedious & time consuming task of trial-and-error) experienced when using spirit 'bubble' or multiple single-axis digital levels to conduct surface plane levelling, tilt angle measurement, straightness and surface flatness profiling, as well as precision 2D alignment tasks.

  • Digi-Pas® DWL-5800XY is installed in the Precision Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) for Levelling, vibration real time monitoring & ensuring machine's Positional Stability (vibration) to achieve High Quality Sharp Image Capturing & thus optimize CMM measuring accuracy performance.
  • Digi-Pas® DWL-5800XY is used for levelling, providing a highly PRECISE reference 'zero degree" angle, straightness, parallelism, surface flatness measurements, particularly used in research laboratory precision instruments and metrology equipment.
  • Digi-Pas® DWL-5800XY is used in the manufacturing of large format industrial and commercial printers rollers for parallelism, inculding also installation, set up and preventive maintenance of such precision large printers in achieving high fidelity colour, quality image performance and reducing waste.
  • Digi-Pas® DWL-5800XY is used in both STATIC levelling and DYNAMIC vibration measurement for achieving high stability & high quality image outcomes on Computerized axial Tomography Scan (CT Scan) and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment.
  • Digi-Pas® DWL-5800XY is used for setting alignment-sensitive precision machines, equipment and fixtures. Sensor module can be placed in proximity or remote location while angular & vibration data can be read, monitored, logged, stored for further analysis.