Flexible Flat Cables & Interconnects

This flexible flat cable (FFC) Business Unit was formerly acquired and transferred from Sony Chemical & Information Device Ltd, Japan. Our affiliated manufacturing business unit formed as part of the supply chain of Sony Chemical dated back since 1996 to take care of FFC's back-end manufacturing processes. From 2008, our Ventura group company has inherited the entire manufacturing plant and sales operation. Since, JSB TECH Pte Ltd has instantly positioned in the forefront as one of the global leading FFC manufacturers.

In 2009, we re-branded the FFC products to Ventura V-flex® and our R&D team, in collaboration with A*STAR (the Agency for Science, Technology and Research), a Singapore government's research institute, particularly to access its advanced laboratory equipment/machinery, has further innovated newly patented FFC products to continuously provide significant values to our global and regional customers in various industries ranging from consumers AV electronics, ink-jet & laser printing, optical drives, automotive and automation.

In 2012, we continued to acquire the FFC manufacturing machinery and equipment from Hitachi Cable Malaysia and Hitachi Cable Singapore, to build up our FFC production capacity and we have since become the region largest Flexible Flat Cable manufacturer. In 2014, we further acquired FFC's Gold-Plating equipment from our Singapore's supplier to integrate gold-plating production process as a One-Stop Supply of high-end customised FFC to effectively reducing lead time, cost and enhance the quality of product and delivery speed. Essentially, we have completed consolidating a major source of FFC supply in South East Asia region and have built a high production volume (over 20 millions FFCs) monthly offering a variety of products range to better support our global as well as regional customers.