Personal Protective Equipment

In response to current Coronavirus pandemic deadly threat to mankind globally, our R&D, Procurement, Supply Chain and Manufacturing teams work vigorously to speedily develop, file patents, manufacture and tested by accredited 3rd-party independent International test bodies (TUD SUD) and timely launched a new eGeePro® Reusable HIGH-QUALITY Face Mask that is VERY AFFORDABLE to the mass markets packed with 50 pcs of N95-Grade Antibacterial Refill Filters.

Mask's Plastic Protective Cover provides STRENGTH and RUGGEDNESS for many months of REUSE compared to most one-time-used (Disposable) Surgical or N95 masks. While the Antibacterial N95-Grade Refill Filter is conveniently changed daily depending to user's consideration on Comfortability, Hygiene and Breathing Resistance.

eGeePro® Mask Applications

For RUGGEDNESS, REUSABLE & MEDICAL-GRADE features yet VERY AFFORDABLE, eGeePro Respiratory Mask is best used in:

  • INDOOR Factories, and OUTDOOR Construction Sites Workers, Security Guards
  • Offices employees, Shops Keepers and Personal Users
  • Governmental Departments & School Students etc.

as they become most EFFECTIVE to prevent GERM infections & SAFER yet ECONOMICAL for many months of REUSABILITY.