Heavy Duty Digital Level

Digi-Pas® DWL-600 Series advanced electronic modules, with a resolution of 0.05°, is designed to be fitted into rugged aluminium structure of 24' length to meet most challenging heavy duty applications. Calibration Certificates obtained from USA, Japan, UK & Germany on product specification conformance are available for reference.

The digital level can withstand Impact/Shock, & Water Resistance, making this series ideal for professional uses in toughest working conditions.

  • DWL-680Pro

    DWL-680Pro digital level is embedded with the latest advanced organic LED - OLED technology allowing for the brightest display. It is also designed to the stringent specification of IP65 - water, shock, dust & freeze proof, and wide operating temperature range allowing for high performance and reliability in the toughest working environment.

    DWL-680Pro has all the features necessary to make it an indispensable levelling tool for the professional and industry specialist.

  • DWL-600F

    The DWL-600F digital level module having resolution of 0.05° & Alternate Zero feature is designed to be fitted into the aluminium structure at 24' length to meet various practical heavy duty applications.

    The advance electronic design is incorporated with high level of impact resistance & shock, therefore ideally targeted for professional uses.