2-Axis Compact Inclination Sensor Module

Cost Effective

Digi-Pas®DWL-4200XY and DWL-4500XY are most compact & cost effective models of our iconic 2-Axis Inclination Sensor that are specifically designed to be integrated into machine/equipment/structure with less space needed. Come with the capability of real-time simultaneous monitoring of plane levelling position, 2D tilt angles, vibration measurement, and data. These compact intelligent modules are embedded with thermocompensated Super-MEMS sensors technology survive over 3,000g multiple shock/impact tests, IP65 certified and precisely calibrated for nonlinearity as well as compensated for wide operating temperature range.

This 'plug & play' PC Sync Software interface (embedded with National Instrument software) and when used with DWL4200XY Series Control Box instantly enables application engineers/scientists to acquire and display real-time measuring readings from the sensors (and save readings into Excel format for further analysis) and manipulate/control externally connected peripheral devices without the need for tedious and time-consuming writing their own programming codes, thus leaving engineers more productive time to focus on their main project activities instead. This setting effectively shortens project timeline and enhances project delivery certainty, particularly useful during feasibility assessments or initial stage of exploratory applications.

Alternatively, highly experienced engineers/experts in sensors applications may use own Low-level Programming codes to directly extract measurement readings from sensor module(s) WITHOUT the need for using Control box and PC Sync Software (i.e. Development Kits). Users also may download Digi-Pas Dynamic-Link Library to integrate with your own higher level programming codes to access sensor via Control Box. However, we strongly recommend FIRST-TIME user of the sensor module to utilize the development kit. Once familiarized the system, users may proceed to remove the development kit leaving the sonsor(s) directly connected to user's application codings and user's own hardware system.

These sensor modules are tough, durable, waterproof, shock resistance, small footprint, consisting no-moving parts (i.e. no wear & tear) and enabled to communicate through various protocols such as USB, RS232, RS485 & Wireless (industrial grade) Bluetooth. These sensory devices support Industrial 4.0 initiative by embedding into industrial machinery/equipment to extract real-time data to aid AI-enabled autonomous decision making processes. The accuracy performance certification of this module is verified by 3rd parties accredited calibration & test bodies in Japan, U.S. and Germany in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and/or ANSI/NCSL Z540 standard(s), traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN.

High precision and accuracy, dual-axis, high impact resistant, wide-range tilt-angle measurement, small footprint yet certified for traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN standards are unique features of Digi-Pas® inclination sensor module, empower application engineers and scientists to develop, design and conduct exploratory industrial/scientific research or projects in many industries, even in very unforgiving/harsh operating environment which were previously difficult or unable to do with traditional 'bubble' spirit level or conventional (laboratory use only) pendulum/servo/optical-based inclinometers.

  • DWL-4200XY

    Digi-Pas® DWL-4200XY is a 2-Axis Precision Compact Inclination Sensor Module of accuracy (0.02° or 350µm/M or 72 arcsec) that specifically designed to be integrated into a machine/equipment/structure for real-time simultaneous display and manipulation of 2D levelling status, angular readings & vibration measurement.

  • DWL-4500XY

    Digi-Pas® DWL-4500XY is a 2-Axis Precision Inclination Sensor Module of accuracy (0.002° or 35µm/M or 7.2 arcsec) that specifically designed to be integrated into a machine/equipment/structure for real-time simultaneous display and manipulation of 2D levelling status, angular readings & vibration measurement.

  • DWL-5000XY SERIES CONTROL BOX (Development Kit)

    The Control Box (a Development Kit) enables single and/or multiple Digi-Pas® 2-Axis inclination sensor modules to be accessed in real-time through various industrial communication protocols such as USB, RS232, RS485 & Wireless Bluetooth. It is the HARDWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT specifically developed to empower Application Engineers/Scientists to INSTANTLY (i.e. plug & play) access to leveling readings and angular data without needing to write those time consuming software codes, thus freeing up their time considerably to focus on their core tasks of a project, particularly useful during initial stage of system design and developments.

  • PC Sync Software

    The PC Sync Software is a 'plug & play' interface (embedded with National Instrument software) instantly enables application engineers to remotely capturing sinle or multiple sensor module(s) for 2D leveling, tilt angle display & data acquisition, alignment and vibration measurements via USB cable/ RS232/ RS485/ wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

    When used in conjunction with DWL-5000XY Control Box, the software ALSO enables application engineers/scientists to set tilt angle/vibration values to trigger external peripheral devices such as siren/alarm, valve, motor, strobe lights, etc.